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"Free the Five Wives" t-shirt. Join us is fighting the ban of Five Wives vodka in the State of Idaho as we gear up for a First Amendment fight over our right to sell our product to customers who have requested it.

The grey100% Cotton pre-shrunk shirts are a good quality with a black and red imprint.  They are in men's sizes, so women should order accordingly.

Please be aware that the shirts are being made and will be shipped upon completion. We anticipate this to take about one week before we are able to ship. We appreciate the support and look forward to seeing you post pics of you in your shirts on our facebook page!

Men's XL's are being printing right now so any orders might be delays of 2-3 days. (6-18-2012)

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The T-shirt will be proudly worn in Idaho - Gary Payne - 05/30/2012
I am eager to get the shirt and wear it in Boise. I have no doubt that this decision will get reversed when more reasonable heads prevail and realize that the public in Idaho does not need to be protected. This T-Shirt will be a great conversation starter in Boise.

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Label Picture??? - MissConduct - 05/30/2012
Just curious... The label picture looks a lot like The Barrison Sisters. Is that what inspired the Vodka & label? I don't drink and am not LDS, but even I think it's stupid that our State Liquor officials are imposing a religious connotation to your product and telling people they should be offended based on THEIR interpretation. Good luck on your fight!!!

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Control Issues - Andrew - 05/30/2012
I think Idaho has control issues. (I can't seem to find their argument!) THE MISSION OF THE IDAHO STATE LIQUOR DIVISION:The mission of the Idaho State Liquor Division is to provide control over the importation, distribution, sale, and consumption of distilled spirits; to curtail intemperate use of beverage alcohol; and to responsibly optimize the net revenues to the citizens of Idaho.

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Idaho resident - Mike - 05/30/2012
I'm so embarassed to live in Idaho, somebody needs to tell the regulatory board these are the five wives of 5 guys burgers!

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WOW - Paul - 05/30/2012
I thought they could not drink alcohol since they can't drink caffene.

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Mormon Fishing Joke - pigo - 05/30/2012
If you go fishing with a mormon, take two. If you take one he'll drink all your Five Wives Vodka. Sounds better that way, doesn't it?I'd buy a T if they were 100% cotton. Any chance you'll get one we can wear without looking like a mess?

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Jack the Mormon - Gerty - 05/30/2012
Just don't take one mormon fishing with you or he will drink all your Five Wives Vodka

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Free the Five Wives t-shirt - sherie - 05/30/2012
Wives is spelled correct! Someone better go back to school! I love the T-shirt. And If I can purchase your Vodka in Oregon, I will drink it! Cheers! Idaho, wake up and smell the Vodka!

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Seperation - Cindy - 05/30/2012
It doesn't mean they are all married to the same guy. Maybe it is 5 women who like to drink vodka. Whats the big deal? Is someone being a little paranoid? Seperation between church and State of Idaho. Maybe Black Label offends me. Get real.

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Well Stephen... - G - 05/30/2012
If your personality is based on being a correct speller then you've kinda just labeled yourself a douche. Peace!

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Polygamy Porter - Eric LaRose - 05/30/2012
I just read about Idaho not going to stock or special order your 5 wives vodka. I think all you have to do is say the words "Polygamy Porter" and it's case closed. There has never been a problem with buying or selling that particular beer. Besides, this is completely silly, the people offended (Mormons)aren't supposed to be drinking anyway so they're not going to buy the product. who gives a damn if it offends them, you wouldn't have gotten their money regardless.

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Famous in Scotland - Caroline - 05/31/2012
My brother in Scotland will soon be proudly wearing this T shirt! And I thought this was a "free" country....some Idahoans need to get out more!

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Spelling - Gert B Frobe - 05/30/2012

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Fuel the Fires - Jason M - 05/30/2012
Y'all should just go for broke and change the brewery's name to "Five Wives Brewery."

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Make the Best of IT! - Houston Bunch - 05/31/2012
You know what they say, "Any publicity is good publicity." Hope everything's going great, man. And I Hope it catches like wildfire!!!! Can't wait to have it here in Texas :)

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